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Lead Lookup FAQ

What is LeadLookup?

LeadLookup is the most accurate and detailed source of free business intelligence on the internet, with 100% human-verified data. It allows you to search for targeted prospects and view direct dial and email contact information, as well as detailed people and company profiles.

Our contact database is powered by DiscoverOrg, the industry leader in sales intelligence, and is guaranteed to be 95% accurate and reviewed for accuracy and completeness at least once every 90 days.

Creating a LeadLookup account gives you free, ongoing access to our entire database of companies and contacts in return for sharing your business contacts. Enrolled members automatically contribute their contacts to our research team for verification by providing LeadLookup with access to their business email account connected with either Microsoft Outlook or Google Apps for Business.

What data is offered in LeadLookup?

Our database contains updated information across a wide range of IT companies from SMB to Enterprise, as well as contacts in Finance, Marketing, Sales, Technology & Design, Human Resources, and C-Level executives.

Where does LeadLookup get its information?

All LeadLookup contact data is provided by DiscoverOrg, and is verified by an in-house team of human researchers at least once every 90 days. The researchers actively and continuously call the organizations in our database every day. While crowdsourcing and web scraping rely on submitted or pulled data that is often incomplete, embellished, or outdated, our human-verified data generates dynamic lists filled with the most up-to-date information available.

How much contact data can I access?

You will receive 40 free contact profile views when you first sign up for LeadLookup. These views will allow you to see 100% human-verified direct dial and email contact data for anyone in our database. Your balance will be restored to 40 views at the beginning of every month that you remain enrolled. You can also earn 10 bonus profile views that never expire for each friend you refer to the LeadLookup program (coming soon).

Even after you have used up all your profile views for the month, you can still search our database as much as you like for company firmographic data and contact details, create targeted lists of prospects via an advanced list builder, and save those lists for future use.

How does the contact sharing work?

When you enroll, you agree per the Terms of Service to share your Gmail for Business or Office 365 business contacts with LeadLookup. Only business contact information is shared. Contacts with consumer email address (such as Gmail.com or Outlook.com) are not collected. Information shared includes contact name, job title, company, business email address and business phone number.

Who can use LeadLookup?

Anyone who uses a supported version of Google Apps for Business or Microsoft Office 365 to send and receive business-related emails is eligible to sign up.

Will my contacts know LeadLookup received their information from me?

Never. LeadLookup will never display the original source of any contact or company data, and a team of human researchers scrub and validate every piece of information before it enters our database.

Does LeadLookup read my email?

Absolutely not. Our technology looks only at address book entries, email headers, and email signatures to capture basic business contact information. All other information is ignored.

How do I unsubscribe from LeadLookup?

You may deactivate your account with LeadLookup at any time by revoking access in the settings of your Google account or Office 365 account.

To revoke access in Google, follow the instructions here.

To revoke access for Office 365, follow the instructions here.